arkuweld welding trade centre provide for you special offers:

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  • welding machines for hand electrode, MIG,MAG,TIG, welding/cutting plasma and plasma braze
  • torches for electrode, MIG,MAG,TIG, plasma
  • filler metal + equipments
  • oxyfuel process devices
  • oxyfuel cutting operators and machines
  • automatic welding and robots
  • orbital-and laser machines
  • repairing of plants and torches
  • gas cylinder distribution systems
  • tank and container systems for liquid gases

special offers

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arkuweld welding inverter for electrode and TIG liftarc

  • 160 ampere, 8,5 kg, 230 voltage

570,00 Euro

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  • hose connection 10m with wire feet unit 4 rolles
  • programmable power sorce MIG/MAG MMA / WIG Lift Arc
  • production year 2001 less weldered, 2007 new power parts incoperated, seconhand

cost incl. torch 1.650,00 Euro

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new / welding power source inverter 140A MMA/WIG 

350,00 Euro

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MIG/MAG power sorce 400 A MMA and MAG

  • 10m hose connection
  • wire feet unit 4 wire rolles secondhand

cost compl. 1.200,00 Euro

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stud welding power source till 8mm

  • with lift and lace-ignation
  • incl. welding torch and equipment

compl. cost 250,00 Euro

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automatic head shield 9-13 new

compl. cost 98,00 Euro


all ptrices and cost are without tax

more welding and cutting article you can check our catalogue.
For direct catalogue internet order, you get 40%discount. No sales off except for special offers.

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